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The Healing List Season 3
Website UI +  Podcast Cover
"The Healing List" is a project that focus continuously mental care. The project focus on podcast production and many kinds of social medias.
For this new new season, "The Healing List" (THL) aim to encourage everyone to have a new start. Not only just the healing process for themselves, but also everything that can motivate them.

"It's time to __________" 
Agency: Universal Admedia
Duration: 3 weeks
Tasks: Website Redesign, Podcast Cover Design, Visual Updates 

Role: UIUX Design / Graphic Design / Motion Graphic Design
Screen Shot 2023-01-21 at 12.09.37.png
Screenshot 2023-01-21 at 14-04-21 Season3 — The Healing List.png
Website Design
​Visual Updates
We choose to design a serial of gradients as our new visual elements for the brand.
THL3 Cover.jpg
​Cover Design
THL3 cover design_Karen Larrea.jpg
THL3 cover design_Tui Sina Sosefina.jpg
THL3 cover design_Tina Everitt.jpg
THL3 cover design_Lai Sha Bugado.jpg
THL3 cover design_Sujon Datta.jpg
THL3 cover design_Kyle Quilausing.jpg
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