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Spotify Moments
Let Spotify friends surprise you!
Spotify Moments helps listeners who want to connect with friends, artists, and fellow Spotify listeners to share and discover new music by allowing users to share their music moments through snippets of song, lyrics, or music video and help users to keep track of the music recommendations they love.
Duration: 4 weeks
My Role: User Research; UI/UX Design
Spotify Moments


“Music brings us together!” —— Spotify's mission statement
However, did they well execute that?
Users have to leave the platform and use other messaging or social media apps like Instagram, Messages, Facebook, etc. to share music. This sharing method requires users to switch between each app. It keeps them apart from Spotify platform and gets less connected.
 INS Spotify post 
 Different sharing platforms 
Helps Spotify keep their listeners captivated with the Spotify platform that they encourage their friends to join, connect, and share on the platform.


Current social features on Spotify
01. Following Friends & Artists
02. Share to other platforms
03. Share/Scan Spotify Code
04. Group Session
Why all don't work well?
01. Hard to engage with followers directly on the platform
02. Need to share outside of the platform
03. Share through other messaging apps /scan in person
04. Need to listen to music with friends simultaneously
05. Only see what your Facebook friend is currently listening
Key Pain Points from interviews
“It’s annoying to search for lyrics every time I want to share music with my friends”
“I just want to focus on sharing the music, not anything else”
“Music recommendations shared in messaging apps get lost in conversation”
“I don’t want others to see my entire playlist”
User Research Takeaways
01. People want a social experience on Spotify that focuses just on the music
02. Don’t want another space that feels like another social media platforms
03. Music is a language that people can communicate with


User Flow

Crafting Solution:
​Spotify Moments

01. Connect
Spotify listeners can connect with friends, artists they follow, and also other Spotify listeners who have similar taste in music.
02. Discover
Through this connection on Spotify Moments, they can discover new songs. We are bringing the listeners into the Spotify music discovery algorithm. Therefore, humanizing the user’s listening experience.
iPhone 11 Pro Max - 3.png
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03. Share
Users can also contribute by sharing their Spotify music moments with others. When sharing the moments, users have the option to either share publicly or privately.

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iPhone 11 Pro Max - 5.png
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