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Connect public and junior artists;
Make modern art diverse and accessible
ArtBin is an art communal platform that makes modern artwork more accessible for general public through art recreation. Recreation formats include but not limited to memes, short videos, funny stories, manga, etc. Thus, it will eliminate the gap between artists and the public.
Duration: 8 weeks
My Role:
User Research; UI/UX Design; Visual Design
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- Junior artists cannot sell their artworks easily.
- Digital art is raising but still gets less value compared to traditional art.

For contemporary art, while some famous artists can sell their digital artworks for millions of dollars, many talented artists are still unknown. The artwork selling process switched due to the rise of digital platforms and social media. Though artists have more opportunities to expose their artwork to the public, this is a more competitive environment that makes individual's works hard to stand out.

- How can we help artists promote their artwork?
- Is there any way that gives junior artists more opportunities to succeed?
- Are those social media platforms suitable for artists to display their artworks?
- Can we create a platform only for artists?
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Interview Insights

1. Hard to find their target audiences
2. Audiences are unwilling to spend time to understand​
3. Difficult to communicate with audiences
4. Artwork cannot be protected from pirate

Journey Map

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Based on the interview, I create two personas from both artists' side and buyers' side. In order to make a successful platform for artists, it is necessary to consider users' side as well because art is all about creators and audiences.

ArtBin Art Communal Platform

Based on my research, I provide solutions for the following questions:
1. Connect
Hard to find their target audiences
Solution: Connect artwork to discussion topics or art movements

​ Art 
​ Daily topic 
​ Trending topics 
2. Explanation 
Audiences are unwilling to spend time
Solution: Artists can explain their artwork through more attractive formats [Meme, video, manga, etc.]
​ Explain artwork with different formates
​ Collect through tags 
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3. Recreate
Difficult to communicate with audiences
Solution: Become recreators, post your interpretation of the artworks in diverse formats. Artists will know audiences’ thoughts and interests through their recreations
​ Recretors can contribute to the explanation collections 
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4. NFT Protection
Artwork cannot be protected from pirate
Solution: Artists can get more attention through platform community, promote and sell their arts safely
​ Collect NFT artworks in one's own library 
Low Fidelity
High Fidelity
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