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Wearable tech for BFRBs
Reliefara is a multifunctional sports bracelet for Body-focused repetitive behaviors (BFRBs) disorder treatment. It can notify user’s BFRBs disorder behaviors, record their BFRBs status and ease their extreme emotions.
Duration: 10 weeks
My Role: User 
Research; UI/UX Design; Visual Design; Conceptual design


About 15 million US citizens have BFRBs, but they are always misunderstood as "bad behaviors"
Have you seen those small “bad habits” in the people around you? 
Body-focused repetitive behaviors (BFRBs) are intense urges like biting, picking, and pulling that can cause damage. 

 It is a kind of behavior disorder that hasn’t been researched for a long time. They are used to be wrongly interpreted as bad behaviors or the indication of one lack enough self-control.
Patients are hard to regulate their emotions

BFRBs help parents relieve their stress

Key Insight:
Stress and other extreme emotions are the keys that causes patients' BFRBs behaviors


1. Hard to self-control one's behavior
2. Bring long-term or permanent harm to patient’s body
3. BFRBs happen when patients are busy and they cannot notice their repetitive behaviors
4. Patients feel stress, regret and addictive. They will fall into emotional vicious circle
 BFRBs emotional vicious circle 
Interview Insights: When will BFRBs possibly happen?



Journey Map


Competitor Research: Fidget Toys - BFRBs therapy

Current issue with fidget toys 
1. Some are too large to carry
2. May produce disturbing sounds
3. Hard to find preferred interactive ways
4. Patients can't realize BFRBs behaviors when they are busy.
5. Unable to track ones' own BFRBs situation.

​Reliefara wearable Tech for BFRBs

1. Easy to carry
2. Users can customize sound levels
3. Be able to customize their pressure relief way
4. Can remind patients' behaviors
5. Track patients' BFRBs time and length, which will help them do better therapy planning

Surface Nerve Conduction Sensor

How it work?
Surface nerve conduction sensor

With a surface nerve conduction sensor, it is possible to get all the measurements. By detaching users' behaviors or bio-electric potentials, the wearable product can decode patients' hand gestures. Thus, they can monitor and remind patients' BFRBs behaviors everywhere in time.

Key Features

Stress Released Components
BFRBs behaviors notification
BFRBs Records + touch control
1. Customize stress released components
By playing with stress-released components, patients can harmlessly release their press instead of repeating harmful behaviors to their bodies.

Based on research, everyone has their preference for fidget toys. Thus, released components are designed to be customized. 
2. BFRBs behaviors notification
When BFRBs behaviors get detached by the sensor chip, the buzz will notify users and remind the user to stop doing.
Press to stop notification
3. BFRBs behaviors records
Reliefara will monitor patients' repetitive behaviors and record them. By tracking all the data, patients can see their curing progress of BFRBs and make better plans based on these data.
Rotate wheel to switch menu
​Home screen UI will change color based on BFRBs lasting time 
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